All cats must be fully vaccinated at least 10 days prior to arrival.  A vaccination certificate or vet booklet is required to be produced at the time of drop off and the certificate must be current for the entire boarding period.  Yearly vaccinations are strongly recommended for stays in a cattery.  

All cats must be treated for fleas and worms prior to their stay.  If fleas or worms are present while in our care, these will be treated at the owner's expense.

 If a cat requires any veterinary care during their stay with us, we will use preferred vets where possible.  However in an emergency, we will use our own vet at West Melton Vets.  Where medicines are prescribed, we will administer these as required. 

Transporting and charges for veterinarian care will be at the owner's expense.  

 It is our policy to act on the advice of a veterinarian and to do what is best for the well being of the cats.  We will take full care but will not be held responsible for any illness, injury or loss.  

For any pet left in our care 14 days after the due collecting date, we will reserve the right to make alternative arrangements for their care if no contact has been made by the owners.