Cherry Grove Cattery is a family business run by Lisa and Jeff Sutherland and their two teenage daughters, Georgia and Antonia.   

Lisa and Jeff have grown up with many animals including dogs, fish, birds, mice, rabbits and many cats.  Currently, family members extend to include a dog named Quita, three cats called Pepper, Pepsi and Piper, Poppy the lamb, Milo the guinea pig, chickens and two fish named Bruno and Fin.  Lisa and Jeff have passed their passions onto their children where Georgia now intends to study to be a veterinarian and Antonia plans to branch into pet grooming.  On weekends, holidays and after school, Georgia and Antonia can always be found in the cattery; talking and smooching with the cats or they have even been spotted with the music on dancing with them! 



The Sutherland family are genuinely committed in supporting your pet's stay with compassion and empathy.  The well being of your cat is truly of the utmost importance and careful steps are taken to ensure that their stay is as stress free as possible.