Cherry Grove Cattery is a family business run by Trixie and Grant Sheffield along with their young son Ethan (aka Wiggles).


We have both grown up with many animals including many cats, dogs, fish, birds, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs.  Current, family members extend to include a cat called Merlot (also known as Baby Bear), a cat called Toffee who we found as a wild kitten close to the cattery, a rescue dog named Tippy, eight guinea pigs, 24 Rams/Sheep (my favourites being Missy and Bluey, chickens (which you may see as you are driving in and out) and many tropical fish.


 The Sheffield family are genuinely committed in supporting your pet's stay with compassion and empathy.  The well being of your cat is truly of the utmost importance and careful steps are taken to ensure that their stay is as stress free as possible. 



You are more than welcome to come and visit us and we look forward to meeting you and your fur babies.