Our accommodation is in three insulated buildings with a mixture of individual units and double rooms for families.  Each suite has a window facing out to a rural setting, a scratching pole, litter tray and bedding.  

In the middle of each cattery we have a large lounge with chairs, cushions, a radio and toys.
Please feel free to bring your pet's favourite toy or blanket when they come to stay with us.  You may even want to bring their own bed if you prefer.  

Each building is heated with a cosy pellet fire.  So throughout those chilly months your cat will be toasty and warm. 

Outside there are enclosed paved areas with rock gardens where the guests take turns to climb on the trees, logs and garden furniture.  There are also pots of grass for the wee ones to nibble on.  At no time is your cat in these general areas with other cats.  As there are only 18 suites in each building, even when the cattery is full there are plenty of opportunities throughout the day for our wee feline friends to get out and have a stretch.  

We also have a specialised Isolation Unit on site which is completely separate from the main buildings.  This unit is very well insulated with heating and lots of natural light.  It has a lounge area where cats are able to have a walk around and play with the toys.

All suites are cleaned each day and fresh litter is provided. On leaving, each suite is completely cleaned and thoroughly sanitised.